ENAM Morocco & BTH Sweden, November 2019


“COMPLEXITIES” in cooperation between National School of Architecture in Marrakech ENAM, Morocco, and Blekinge Institute of Technology BTH, Sweden. Studio scheduled between November 11 and 22, 2019 in Marrakech : “This project is the development of an urban design proposal based on ethnographic and spatial analyses of an area in Marrakech. The theme will be Sustainable housing. Students are supposed to apply ethnography and theories and methods they have practiced in earlier courses. They will also be introduced to the concept of persona which is an idea about a person for whom design is going to be carried out. The site where the design is to be carried out is in the area between the Medina and the Jardin Majorelle. The fieldwork will stretch out to the surrounding areas where it is possible to reach people for interviews and observations. This includes both old and new urban areas of Marrakech. The site itself should be subject to various spatial analyses that should be suggested by the students. The issue is: What do we need to know about the site in order to carry out a design of sustainable housing?”.

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T.A. (2019, 10 novembre). ENAM Morocco & BTH Sweden, November 2019. École Nationale d'Architecture Marrakech. Consulté le 25 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/o8dg

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