Conference in Marrakech: Exploring Gardens and Landscapes with Monica Botta

Marrakech is gearing up to host an exceptional event on December 10, 2023, at 6:00 PM in the auditorium of the Yves Saint Laurent museum. The event, organized by the National School of Architecture of Marrakech (ENAM) under the Ministry of National Territorial Planning, Urbanism, Housing, and City Policy, in partnership with the universities of Pisa and Pescara in Italy, with the valuable support of the Erasmus+ program, promises an immersive experience dedicated to the beauty and sustainability of gardens and landscapes.
At the core of this unique experience, renowned architect Monica Botta will take the stage to share her expertise and avant-garde vision in the field of landscape architecture. It will be a rare opportunity to explore innovative concepts and remarkable achievements of this iconic figure in contemporary architecture.
The objective of this conference transcends specialization boundaries, inviting a diverse audience ranging from seasoned experts to enthusiastic students, including architects and landscapers. The focus is on disseminating the culture of responsible architecture and planning, injecting a new energy into Morocco’s creative landscape.
ENAM is fully committed to the success of this major event, relying on local and regional strategic partnerships. The Marrakech-Safi Regional Council and the Marrakech Commune lend their support to ensure that these scientific and cultural gatherings unfold under optimal conditions.
The presence of Italian universities adds an international dimension, enriching the dialogue and fostering global exchange of ideas. The Erasmus+ program strengthens this collaboration, offering insights into best practices and innovations in the field of landscape architecture.
This conference promises to be more than a mere event; it will be an immersion into the captivating world of gardens and landscapes, guided by Monica Botta’s exceptional expertise. We are all invited to participate in this adventure, to explore new horizons, and to contribute to the evolution of a shared vision of responsible planning.


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