« al Mi’mâr » 2020

International Workshop

« Marrakech : Architecture and landscape, towards an ecological and social transition. Space, city and architecture of the Mediterranean ». Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Marrakech ENAM (Morocco) + Master Degree in Architecture and Building Engineering University of Pisa (Italy)

It’s open the selection for 20 ENAM students (III, IV and V years) to take part in the international workshop.
20 Italian students and 20 ENAM students will work together on the workshop topics.
For ENAM students, the 80-hour activity is recognized with a certificate of participation, and 3 points will be recognized on the final evaluation of the Architecture Technique course.

Send an email to and

To request the registration containing the following points :
1- name, surname, year of birth, year of course
2- list of exams taken and mark
3- spoken languages and software known with level
4- personal motivations to participate

A selection of the applications submitted will be made. Deadline for request 24/02/2020 at 13:00

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